Town & City Management

At Town & City Management, our simple goal is to be the transparent choice for Leaseholders, Freeholders, and Developers across the UK. Founded on core values of customer management, knowledge, honesty, and dedication, we strive to achieve our goals. Our vision revolves around transparency, experience, and a commitment to client satisfaction. With a long history and a team of experienced professionals, we base our decisions on knowledge, not guesswork. Honesty is paramount in building lasting relationships; we communicate openly and deliver uncomfortable news when necessary. Dedication is ingrained in our culture—available anytime to address your concerns. Our aim and philosophies centre on transparency and trust, essential in property management. We collaborate extensively, personalising services for unique client needs. Offering property maintenance, financial management, and administrative assistance, we prioritise client goals and expectations. Founded in 2002, Town & City Management has grown, opening offices in Leeds, Central London, and Bournemouth. ARMA-Q Accreditation attests to our commitment to excellence. We've increased staff levels, implemented client portal software, and aim for the highest standards of customer service. Treating every building as a long-term investment and a home, we provide personal care, advice, and support. Proactive, responsive, and accountable decisions ensure customer satisfaction. Our services include budget formulation, Section 20 notices, communal cleaning, and health & safety reports. We're a nationwide specialist in residential apartment block management, serving housing associations, RMCs, RTMs, luxury apartments in central London, and corporate freehold clients. Our main goal is to provide peace of mind, ensuring properties meet their full potential now and in the future. Discover how Town & City Management can help you—contact us today.